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Strategy to Win Florida Lotto

  • If you decide to purchase Florida lottery tickets, Powerball tickets, Mega Millions tickets, or other lottery games either online or offline, you should read the following donots and dos. These steps will help you pick numbers and greatly increase your chances to win the big money.
  • Do not choose the combinations have been drawn before
    — Based upon our study, the repeated combinations are unlikely being drawn again. A set of six-same-number combinations takes more than 3,000 years to occur for the second times.
  • Do not choose the extreme numbers
    — One example of the extreme numbers looks like 01-02-03-04-05-06. This kind of combination is unlikely to happen. According to our study, six extreme numbers have never been drawn in Florida lotto history.
  • Do not use mathematical arithmetic progressions
    — Some examples of using arithmetic progressions are adding 10 to numbers, like 02-12-22-32-42-52, or multiplying some number, such as multiplying numbers by 3.
  • Do not choose all numbers from one group
    — For instance, in Florida lotto 6/53, we divide numbers into several groups as 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50-53. Avoid choosing all numbers from one group.
  • Do not choose all odd or even numbers
    — Bases upon the history of Florida lottery winning numbers, all 6 odd numbers or 6 even numbers are rarely occurred.
  • Do choose high — low pattern
    — Most winning numbers spread across the entire number field. Normally, we split this number field in half. Low half is 1-26, and high half is 27-53. All high or all low numbers are rarely drawn. The best pattern is 2/4, 3/3, or 4/2, for instance, we pick 2 low numbers and 4 high numbers in the case of 2/4. These three patterns occur more than 80% of the time.
  • Do choose numbers from different groups
    — From previous winning numbers, most of them spread across different groups. However, sometimes, one or more of the number groups is missing, for example, on 2013-06-15, the winning numbers 03-16-19-20-32-52, there is no number from 40’s. Checking and studying previous winning numbers will help you to determine which group to omit and which group to give extra heavy attention.
  • Do choose even — odd pattern
    — As we have stated before, all odd or all even numbers are rarely drawn, occurring less than 1% of the time. The best mix is 2/4, 4/2, or 3/3, which means, in the case of 3/3, 3 even numbers and 3 odd numbers should be selected. These three patterns have occurred in 82% chance in all drawings.
  • Do choose numbers adjacent to previous winning numbers
    — For example, if number 15 has been hit in the last drawing, its adjacent numbers(14 and 16) are likely to be drawn. It is practical to pick adjacent numbers because 80% of the drawings have been occurred. A good example is 2013-05-29, the winning number is 04-36-42-47-48-52, the next drawing(2013-06-01) comes 05-15-29-35-40-47. We can see 04-05, 36-35, and 48-47.
  • Do sum up previous winning numbers
    — According to our study, the summation of the most winning numbers is laid between 110 and 210. For example, for Florida Lotto from 2012-02-01 to 2013-01-12(100 draws), 89% of the sums of these 100 draws is in the range of 110 to 210, only 5% is smaller than 110, and 6% is larger than 210. Thus, the combination of 03-05-11-19-26-35 has little chance to win. A good practical combination is between 140 and 200 because almost 70% of combinations are in this range.
  • Do repeat some numbers from previous winning numbers
    — According to our study, some numbers of the last three winning numbers like to show up again and again. For example, from 2013-05-18 to 2013-07-06, we find 01, 33, 40, 46, and 47 shown up repeatedly.
  • Do use our Repeated Drawn Number Patterns
    — Use our Repeated Drawn Number Patterns in Number Analyzer to eliminate some previous numbers that are obviousely not going to come for the next drawing. This function will reduce the picking numbers and odds.

El Powerball es siempre enorme

Los jackpots del Powerball por lo general empiezan en $20 millones, y aunque esto es sin duda una cantidad considerable, recientemente ellos han subido el mínimo a $40 millones. Así que incluso antes de que el acumulado incremente locamente, como suele ser el caso en esta mega loteria, el premio mayor más bajo posible es de ya el tipo de premio que quisiéramos ganar.

No siempre hay un ganador del premio cada sorteo, así que el jackpot crece cada vez superando los 100, 200 y hasta 300 millones de dólares. Creo que la mayoría de nosotros estaría de acuerdo en que incluso el premio mínimo de 40 millones de dólares sería suficiente para hacernos vivir todas nuestras fantasías, pero cuando se trata de loterias, mientras más grande es el premio, mucho mejor. Así que si es como la mayoría de las personas que le encanta los premios grandes, entonces definitivamente este loto es para ti.

Rules of the American Powerball lottery

Powerball Lotto has a Power Play option. It can be additionally purchased by the ticket owner, the cost is +1 dollar to the final ticket price. In case of a win, the option increases the amount of win by 2, 3, 4, or even 5 times. BUT! If you win the jackpot, you cannot use Power Play. The option works exclusively for offline buyers in the USA, online intermediaries do not provide it.

The winning amount is calculated as follows: you got a red ball, or both red and white – you get $ 4; 3 balls of any color – $ 7; 4 balls of any color – $ 100; 4 white balls and 1 red – 10 thousand dollars; 5 white balls – $ 1,000,000.

In some states, the rules of the game of the American lottery may vary slightly. For example, in California, the amount of winnings is determined by the sum of the prize pool and the number of winners based on the results of the draw.

If you win the jackpot, the prize is paid in annual installments for 30 years. You can also request immediately 60% of the cash prize. To receive the prize in cash, you must write a statement within two months after the draw that you are the lucky one, who hit the jackpot, and provide proof – a ticket with the right combination. Any winning amount, $ 2 or $ 1 million, must be received within 180 days from the date of the draw.

A common question: how to win the Powerball lottery? You need to buy a ticket, guess the combination of numbers and follow the draw. The US Powerball lottery draw is held twice a week: on Wednesday and Saturday, at 22:59 North American time in Tallahassee, Florida. In the studio there are two special lottery drums with balls, numbers are written on them. There are 69 white balls in the first lottery drum, and 26 red balls in the second. Balls are randomly selected by the apparatuses: 5 from the first lottery drum and 1 from the second. The last, sixth ball is the Powerball. You get a jackpot if you guessed all 5 white balls and 1 red.

How To Play Powerball And The Prizes Offered

To play the Powerball Lottery, players first select 5 numbers from among 59 white balls and then select one red Powerball from among 35 balls. You can select your own numbers or have the computer pick them for you. If you match at least 3 out of the 5 white balls or match the red Powerball, you win a prize.Matching the Powerball alone, or matching one number plus the Powerball, wins you $4. 2 numbers plus the Powerball or 3 numbers with no Powerball wins you $7. 3 numbers plus the Powerball or 4 numbers without the Powerball gets you $100. 4 numbers plus the Powerball is worth $10,000. 5 numbers and no Powerball is worth a cool $1,000,000.  If you get all 5 numbers plus the Powerball, you have hit the jackpot!

What if You Win by Playing Online?

After winning the jackpot, you may be required to collect the prize in person from the official lottery operators. In this case, our team will help you through this process. Smaller wins will be transferred directly to your account after receipt confirmation.

At LottoSmile, we are always happy to share success lotto stories. In April 2012, B.U. won the life-changing second Powerball prize worth $1 Million. He had only recently started playing the US Powerball on our platform, and we offered him a luxurious trip from the UK to Florida to collect his prize.

In 2016, three players won big by playing online, they became millionaires! All three of them won the US Powerball second prize, worth $1 Million, by playing online on our platform. G., an Australian player, has played for more than 10 years and in 2016 he got very lucky. He managed to guess all 5 main numbers of the draw and also became a millionaire!

In January, H.V. from El Salvador guessed the 5 main Powerball numbers and earned the $1 Million prize. P. from Quebec, Canada also won the second Powerball prize in February 2016.

You could be the next player to win on LottoSmile and change your life around!

Big Online Lottery Winners

Jenn Burston has always bought tickets to the EuroMillions online and on December 17, 2014, what was initially a £3,000 minor prize win turned into a whooping £3 million. On that draw, the jackpot prize was already capped, so when nobody won the grand prize, the money rolled over to secondary prize winners, giving Jenn and her husband an early Christmas present. Because they played the EuroMillions online they were able to see how much they won straight away.

Bill Laharty from Nanaimo BC is a regular user of, a legit online lotto website. In August 13, 2016, his efforts finally paid off as he became the largest lottery winner in Canada after netting the $21 million jackpot of the Lotto 6/49. Laharty used his winnings not only to purchase himself a condo and a car, but to help out his family and friends.

WinTrillions, another lotto website, has had 191,835 winners to date. One of its most notable winners is Katie from Lancaster. Katie, who is a US citizen, missed playing lotteries from back home so she used to purchase tickets to the Mega Millions’s March 25, 2011 draw. Although she did not win the jackpot, she did take home the 2nd prize of $250,000 for matching 5 numbers.

Lottoland, a popular betting website, has had several lottery jackpot winners of its own. Its largest winner to date is Mathias from Germany who took home the €22 Million jackpot prize from the 6aus49 last April 30, 2016. According to Mathias, he uses the website because it allows him to bet on lotteries in a simple and easy manner.

Cómo jugar la Loto Powerball y los premios ofrecidos

Para jugar la Powerball, los jugadores primero deben seleccionar 5 números de entre 59 bolas blancas y un Powerball rojo de entre 35. Puedes elegir tus propios números o dejar que el ordenador lo haga por ti. Si coincides con al menos 3 de las 5 bolas blancas o con el Powerball rojo, ganas un premio.

Si coincides con el Powerball solo, o con un número más el Powerball, ganas $4, si coincides con 2 números más un el Powerball o 3 con tres numeros sin Powerball ganas $7, si coincides 3 números más un número Powerball o 4 sin el Powerball recibes $100, si pegas 4 números más el Powerball recibes $10.000, si pegas 5 números y el Powerball te llevas $1.000.000. Y Si pegas los 5 números más el Powerball, has dado en el clavo llevándote el gran jackpot acumulado al momento!

Why is the cash option always a different percentage of the annuity from draw to draw?

If you’re calculating what percentage the cash value is of the annuity, then you’re looking at it backwards. The cash value is the starting point, as it is a direct percentage of ticket sales. Then the annuity amount is calculated from that, based on prevailing interest rates. Since the interest rates are constantly changing, the annuity amount calculated on one day will be a different number than if it is calculated the next day. So when a drawing occurs and the lottery has to estimate the next annuity jackpot, they first estimate the number of tickets that will be sold for the next drawing, which determines what the cash value estimate is (because a fixed percentage of each ticket sold goes toward prizes). Then they finally calculate what the annuity will be based on the current interest rates.

Lotto winners

The largest jackpot ever was won in January 2016. 3 members became its owners: from California, Tennessee and Florida. 1.586 billion dollars were divided equally between them. Each one received $ 528,866,666.

And in the summer of 2017, the record for the sum of the jackpot won by one ticket was broken. A resident of the state of Massachusestts received 758.7 million US dollars (the amount was collected over 20 draws).

Initially, the range of red balls was from 1 to 39. Then it was reduced to 35, and then to 26. This allowed to increase the chances of winning. In 2012, in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the lottery, the initial jackpot amount was increased from 20 to 40 million dollars.

Latest News about the US Powerball

Starting from April 8, 2020, some temporary measures were put in place by the US Powerball as to continue offering its regular draws, and most importantly to be able to continue sustaining good causes. Therefore, there are no more minimum jackpot nor a minimum amount for the rollovers. The rollovers are now influenced by game sales and interest rates. 

The last Jackpot to date was scooped by a player from New York who matched the winning numbers 10-17-31-51-53 and the
Powerball 01 for the draw on September 16. This win amounted to $94 Million! Before that, a
beautiful $169 Million jackpot was scooped on August 12, by a lucky player from Florida who matched the 5 main numbers 02-06-18-36-37 and the Powerball 21.

The Powerball lottery made a good number of millionaires in 2019, delivering some jaw-dropping jackpots. The last one, worth $150 million, was scooped on November 2, 2019 by a lucky ticket holder from California. Before that, on September 21, 2019, Phillip Chippewa, a 54-year-old grandfather from Michigan, came forward to claim a $80 million jackpot. David Yax of North Evans was the sole winner of another $80 million jackpot Powerball displayed on the draw of September 4, 2019.

How Much Did a Powerball Ticket Cost in the Past?

The price of Powerball tickets has slightly increased over the years, but the jackpot has also increased by millions. Before 2012, the price of a single Powerball line was $1, and the Powerplay option was not yet introduced. Currently, each line costs $2 and the Powerplay multiplier adds another $1 per line.

This price modification was designed to avoid confusion between the US Powerball vs the US Mega Millions, its direct competitor.

Share Your Opinion!

What do you think about the cost of a Powerball ticket? Is it an affordable option or do you wish it could be lower? Have you played this lottery with our discounts and offers?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below and don’t miss our US Powerball guide! We love to hear our users’ stories and personal experiences. Good luck in your next draw!

The state lotteries and MUSL (the organization that runs Powerball) are all very firm in their assertion that playing the lottery in any manner over the Internet is illegal.  We are not lawyers and can’t provide legal advice, but we are not so sure about their position.  Their absolute certainty that it is illegal may have more to do with not wanting to lose control of the player interaction, and less to do with a firm legal footing.

When we assess the legality, we look at what has actually happened in court cases.  There have been people in the past who purchased a lottery ticket from an Internet Web site, subsequently won the jackpot, and the lottery attempted to block them from receiving the jackpot.  In each case, the winners took the lottery to court and won.  They received their jackpot as if they walked into a store and purchased a ticket.

You must keep in mind that any type of Internet-based lottery service is not risk-free.  From a legal standpoint, the services are dealing in loopholes in the current law, and the US Congress has taken steps to make those loopholes tighter, particularly in trying to prevent banks and credit cards from allowing Internet payments for lottery services.  But there is a much bigger threat when you use an Internet lottery service: getting ripped off.

By not making a purchase in a store, you may be doing something worse than throwing your money away: you may be helping to keep a scam operation running.  Stay away from anything referring to a «syndicate».  We are not aware of any site using that terminology that is not a scam.  Also beware of sites that state «Insured by ___» at the bottom.  It is like saying «We don’t really buy lottery tickets, but trust us, you’ll get paid if you win.»  Have you ever heard of an insurance company paying out a $200 million Powerball jackpot?  We haven’t.

We do allow some advertising on USA Mega for lottery services.  We recommend that USA residents stay away from such services, and make your purchases in a store.  The ads are directed at non-USA residents, who may not have the online lottery restrictions that exist in the USA.

Tickets from the US vs. Online Purchases – Cost Differences

There are only two possible ways for Indian citizens to purchase Powerball tickets: either by traveling to the U.S or by doing it online. Getting the US visa, traveling to the United States, booking a hotel, and paying for transportation would mean quite a big investment for anyone.

A more affordable and convenient method is to get your Powerball lottery tickets online. If you choose our platform, you will benefit from a few important advantages. First of all, you need to understand how secure and safe your investment is.

For example, when buying your Powerball tickets online from India on LottoSmile, one of our representatives in the United States purchase sthe tickets on your behalf, from reputed, accredited retailers only. All the tickets bought online by our players are scanned and sent to them, before being carefully stored in safes.

These security measures prove that purchasing Powerball tickets legally online on LottoSmile might just be the best option for lottery players who don’t live in the U.S. Also, the discounts and benefits we offer will reduce your cost and even increase your odds of winning.

LottoSmile’s Offers & Discounts

Playing on our platform comes with discounts and other special promotions to improve your gameplay. These are the features we offer and that you can use for the next Powerball draw.

  • Multi-Draw

    If you want to play successive draws without having to actually buy a new Powerball ticket every week, the multi-draw is your solution. Each option from 5 to 52 draws comes with a discount of up to 25%.

  • Syndicate

    When you decide to play in a group, you share the costs with all the players in the syndicate. So you increase your odds of winning the Powerball while reducing your investment.

  • Bundles

    To mix personal and group entries, go for bundles. Each package comes with a built-in discount depending on your choice!

  • Subscription

    By subscribing to the Powerball draw, you get every 10th ticket for free and earn extra VIP points.

Lottery Betting

Another way to participate in lotteries online is to bet on their outcome instead of actually taking part in official draws. Online lottery betting websites allow users to predict the outcome of official draws and if their numbers coincide with the winners of the actual draw, they get to take home the same cash value as the actual winners of the lottery.

Lottery betting online is quite controversial, as some people see it as a “fake” lottery. While there are some lottery scams here and there, reputable sites like Lottoland do give players the same experience as if it’s an actual draw. The odds are the same, the jackpot is the same, and the company is insured in the event of a grand prize winner. Some people actually prefer lottery betting websites compared to actual lottery draws because as mentioned above, some official draws are strict about players outside their jurisdiction. Since you’re dealing with the lottery betting company itself, not the actual lottery organization, you are not limited by jurisdictional issues.

RedFoxLotto trae toda la emoción del loto Powerball a tu hogar

Ya no tienes que vivir en los Estados Unidos, donde se ofrece esta gran loto. RedFoxLotto ha llevado ahora a la loto Powerball y todas las otras grandes lotos del mundo directamente a tu computador. Ahora puedes comprar online tantos boletos como quieras de éste y todas las otras grandes loterias de todo el mundo.

RedFoxLotto se encarga de ti en cada etapa del proceso, donde lo único que tienes que hacer es crear una cuenta de usuario, seleccionar tus opciones de preferencia, elija la opción de pago que más te convenga y ellos se encargan de todo lo demás.

RedFoxLotto ha traído el juego de la loteria al siglo 21, y esto es lo mejor que le ha pasado a loto desde que las boletas salieron a la venta. Si aun no está aprovechando este servicio, te estás realmente perdiendo de toda la acción de juego ahí afuera.

Así que ya no hay razón para esperar más tiempo para participar en cualquier sorteo del loto que prefieras, a cualquier hora y en cualquier lugar. Solo tienes que hacer clic aquí para visitar RedFoxLotto y empezar a jugar Powerball y cualquier otra gran loteria online ahora mismo!

The Game

To begin your bet, you need to initially select five numbers between 1 to 59 for creating your set. Mark the numbers you select. Then, you require also to select a number which is separate, from 1-39; this will be your number for power ball. You should mark a number which is different, not from the numbers which make up your set of five.

You will be a major winner in the game once each of your set’s five numbers emerges in the course of the draw. And, you will be a winner of the jackpot prize if each of your set’s numbers is drawn out and in addition, your power ball’s number is wheeled out also. However, if you were not a winner of the jackpot or at least made a score of a perfect five, there will be other prizes waiting for you if just three or four numbers from the set you had were wheeled out in the course of USA Powerball draw.

The chances of being a winner in this lottery are very slim, compared to when lotto game is played especially in your state. The reduced chances of winning is mostly because a huge number of people are betting and possibilities of losing rises since the specific range from where you are going to select the five numbers to create your set is becoming widespread. This means, it is more likely for you to lose in a lotto game of 5/59, compared to a game of 5/39.

Strategies for Winning

Since there is a chance you will not be a winner in USA Powerball lotto game, you should lay your strategies prior to the draw; this is inclusive of meticulously selecting the numbers to create your set as well as your power ball.

The most ideal guideline for you to make preparations for future games is by selecting numbers at random, from the ‘low section’ and ‘high section.’ You can carry this out by splitting the set which has 59 numbers in two sections. The low section comprises numbers ranging from 1-29 while the high section comprises of numbers ranging from 30-59.

You can choose three numbers from the low section and two numbers from the high section or vice versa. Avoid selecting five consecutive numbers or playing by multiples of for example, 3s, 5s, etc.


It is possible to be a happy winner in USA Powerball. You simply require planning your method and applying some guidelines for winning from some dependable lotto systems to raise your odds of hitting the jackpot.

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